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A Symphony of Silence

A Symphony of Silence

by George A. Ellis

This book is a luminous assemblage of intimate discussions, interviews, and compositions about the teachings and practical programs for the development of consciousness introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The stories and interviews underscore the experiences of higher states of consciousness in the lives of artists, scientists, religious leaders, government officials, prisoners, and individuals from all walks of life. A Symphony of Silence takes the reader on a journey of self-exploration, providing a profile of enlightenment and a direction of how to arrive at the goal.

George A. Ellis is the former Director for the Institute for Social Rehabilitation, where Transcendental Meditation was introduced in rehabilitation settings, educational institutions, and developing nations. His first book, Inside Folsom Prison: TM & TM-Sidhi Program, highlighted decades of pioneering and innovative work in the field of rehabilitation. The author’s academic career includes degrees in biology, philosophy, art history, business administration, doctoral research in organizational leadership, and criminology.

Softcover, 511 pages

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